Do You Have An Accountability Buddy?

There are many factors that contribute to success. However there’s one, vital step to success that’s so simple you may very well be overlooking it! Having an accountability buddy!

Let’s face it success requires action, getting stuff done. One of the most important factors in getting stuff done is accountability. You know, you say you’re going to get something done and then you do it. Cool, right. However, very often saying it to yourself isn’t enough to get it done. You need to actually say it, out loud, to someone else. But here’s the catch, you can’t just say it, you need to commit to it and with a deadline to boot.

I know that there are some people who are quite good at making commitments to themselves and then sticking with them to completion. They’re the ones who go to the gym diligently, no friend they’ve promised to meet, they just show up and get to it. I love those people, but frankly, I’ve never been one of them. Maybe it’s the artist in me, but I’m just too easily distracted. Scheduling out my activities is hugely helpful, but I also need deadlines and accountability. Example, if I need to finish a song, or write an article or finally finish mixing those new tracks and there’s a deadline – bam! It gets done. No deadline? Well…….you see how it could go. Life sneaks in, distractions, well, distract. Having an accountability buddy not only gives you much needed support, but also helps you stick to your commitments and deadlines.

For singers, an accountability buddy can come in the form of a band-mate, coach/teacher, co-writer, friend, partner, etc.  I very often fill the role of accountability buddy for my clients.  One way this can work is to have weekly meetings/calls with your accountability buddy. You tell your buddy what your activities were during the previous week, what you accomplished/didn’t accomplish and what you plan to accomplish in the coming week. The next time you meet, you check in to see what actually got done. Simple right? And I promise you, knowing that you have that meeting or call coming up will help you get your butt into gear!!

Who’s your accountability buddy? 

6 thoughts on “Do You Have An Accountability Buddy?

  1. Yes! Accountability for singers, artists, etc. Smart. Knowing how artists tend to be “solo” in their approach to life – could certainly open up their world! (Entertainment industry for 22 yrs as a publicist – I know their hearts and minds!) Thanks Jennifer!

  2. Jennifer I so agree with you. No matter what field you’re in, accountability will help you reach your goals. And, you might even have more fun, sharing your experience, the ups, downs, frustrations and successes, along the way. It’s one of the primary benefits you get through any type of coaching relationship.

  3. Accountability really is the magic bean! It’s so true too that creative types (like us!) tend to go with the flow and get distracted sometimes… okay lots of times! 😉 So that meeting, phone call or deadline really does the trick to kick us into gear and get us getting stuff done. Great reminder, Jennifer, thanks for sharing!

  4. I am someone who needs a deadline and accountability as well! I love how the buddy system applies in every area of life, even singing! A little (good) peer pressure goes a looooong way in accomplishing great things! :)

  5. Jennifer, I don’t have an accountability buddy at present, but this is something I really need to consider to give me that little extra push when I need it. I’m really going to reflect on how I can make this happen!

  6. Hi Mia! I know, for a long time I didn’t have an accountability buddy either, but it has made such a HUGE difference for me. I actually have several different accountability buddies for different areas of my career and business. :)

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