Attracting Opportunity!

We all want to attract great opportunities right? So why is it that sometimes Opportunity can feel as elusive as a really great date?

Opportunity must know how much we want it, how much we long for it to call. Surely Opportunity knows that we’re just waiting to show it how great we are! Unfortunately, just like that elusive great date, the more you wait, the more you yearn, the less likely Opportunity is to call.

So how can we attract this fickle beast Opportunity?

The truth is, a lot like it’s friend Romance, Opportunity is much more likely to call when we’re already happy and fulfilled. The more we’re already doing, the more we’re creating for ourselves, the more likely Opportunity is to show up…and sometimes it shows up in disguise.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  ― Thomas Edison

Opportunity is everywhere! But often we don’t see it because as Edison pointed out, it usually looks like work. And the best way that I know to attract Opportunity is to do the work!

Here’s a great example. I know an amazing singer/recording artist. She’s signed to a major label and has a huge worldwide audience. Several years ago, however, it was a very different picture. She had been turned down by every label she had approached. She was great, her band was great, but the labels just weren’t interested. At this point, a lot of artists may have thrown in the towel. But not this one. Instead, she found a financial backer, produced and recorded an independent CD, got in the van and went on tour. She toured the country for 2 years and sold thousands of copies of her CD. In other words, she did the work. Believe me, it was hard, grueling work.

I bet you’re ready for the fairy tale ending aren’t you…..well, there’s a bit more first. After the success with her first, independent release, the major labels still weren’t biting, BUT a very small independent label with major distribution did. They believed in her and helped her record and release her 2nd CD. She went BACK on the road and the CD sold 500,000 copies!!! Okay, now she had the attention of the major labels who found themselves in a bidding war to give this amazing artist the opportunity she had been looking for in the beginning.

This artist could very well have continued to wait for opportunity to come her way. She could have continued knocking on doors, looking for Opportunity,  and it’s possible that she would have succeeded. But instead, she did the work and Opportunity fell head over heals!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”
― Milton Berle

Now, I certainly can’t promise you that putting together your own national tour will guarantee you a major label deal, but I can say with certainty that every step you take, every bit of work that you do and the happier and more fulfilled you become, the closer you will get to achieving your goals. And Opportunity can’t help but being attracted!

Wishing you much success!!