Running Your Own Race

Most of us are, to at least some degree, competitive by nature. Sometimes, this is a good thing. However, when it comes to your career – and your life – it can also get in the way. Especially if/when you start comparing your achievements to the achievements of others. Be honest here, how many times have you looked at someone who may be a few steps further along in his or her career and started comparing your success to theirs. Maybe they’ve recorded and sold a bunch of CDs, or are out there touring all the time, or simply have a great website, photos, etc. It’s really easy to start comparing where you are to where they are – like running a race. Here’s where the “I should have done this already” or “Why don’t I have that” or “They’ve done some much more than me”……starts to come in. These thoughts take focus and energy away from what you are doing.

The truth is, while we can learn a great deal from those who are further along, the only race we can ever run is our own. Know where you are now, where you want to be and start taking the steps to get there. If you don’t know what the steps are, then your first step is to ask. You may be surprised by how willing people are to help! :)


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Are You Investing in YOU?

In keeping with the hot summer weather, I have a hot investment tip for you….are you ready…wait for it….IT’S YOU!

I’m not an investment expert, but you don’t need to be an expert to know that the old “tried and true” investment models are pretty much out the window these days. The stock market is all over the place, everyone lost a bundle in their 401K accounts and real estate is proving not to be the safe investment it was once thought to be. There really don’t seem to be any truly secure ways to invest for your future these days, EXCEPT, yes, that’s right, YOU. You are, without question, the surest thing you have going.

But, are you investing in this sure thing? How much time or money did you spend last year on professional or personal development? Was there something you wanted to do (i.e. Take a class or workshop, work with a coach or mentor, go on a retreat, etc) but you told yourself you just didn’t have the time or the money? For a long time, I rolled along doing what I did, knowing what I knew and while it was okay, it was when I started REALLY investing in myself, that things took off for me. In the meantime, my IRA has tanked and the value of my house has gone down, BUT I’m not worried. Because I know that these are not my real investments. My REAL investment is me and I know without question that I will always be able to take care of myself. Now THAT’s something worth betting on!

Happy investing :)